Advanced Related Posts


The YYDevelopment related posts plugin will help you add related or similar posts into different pages on your wordpress website.

With this plugin you will be able to import posts/pages data and load them into pages on your site using the plugin shortcode [yy-wordpress-related-posts].

With our plugin you can load similar articles using the page ID and we recommend using our Show Pages IDs plugin to help finding the pages ids faster.

YYDevelopment Related Posts Features

  • The ability to add related articles into pages and posts on your wordpress site
  • The ability to change the thumbnail image URL and image alt tag
  • The ability to change the related post/page title
  • The ability to change the article description/excerpt
  • The ability to control the display positions of the related articles
  • With this plugin you can copy the related posts from one page to another
  • RTL supported for Hebrew and Arabic websites

About the author & license

This YYDevelopment related posts plugin was brought to you for free by YYDevelopment under GPLv2 license.

The plugin is 100% free and we intend to keep it that way in the future as well. You are free to use this plugin and all our other free wordpress plugins for your projects, your client’s projects or for anything else you need.

If this plugin was helpful for you please share it online and if you get a chance to give it a positive review we will appreciate that.

If have any problems or questions regarding our advanced related posts plugin submit a ticket and we will be happy to help.

By the way, we are based in Israel so we welcome you to visit our Hebrew site as well YYDevelopment IL if you are fellow Israeli.

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  • Creating related posts on the admin panel
  • Viewing the related pages/posts on the front-end of the website


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/yydevelopment-related-posts directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. On each page or posts you will have the related posts box and you will be able to load pages there with each page id
  4. Start creating your related articles and add them to your pages with the shortcode


Do I need to take any action to make this plugin work?

All you need to do it to install and activate the YYDevelopment related posts plugin and start using it.

How can I add related posts?

After you installed the plugin you will have the “YYDevelopment Related Posts” box on each page/post on your website (from the admin panel side) and you will be able to load posts & pages using the pages/posts ids.

How to find the page ID and load it?

The easiest way to find the page/posts ID is using our Show Pages IDs plugin. You can also find the page ID in the page URL when you edit it on the admin panel

How to load the related posts/pages into the front-end?

When you finish adding the related posts into your page on the admin panel use our shortcode [yy-wordpress-related-posts] and load it anywhere you want on site.

How to copy related posts from one page to another?

This plugin is also offer the option to copy and load related posts from on page to another.
If you want to copy for example the related posts from the page with the ID ’16’ simply paste the id number on the plugin where is say “Copy related posts from parent post id:” and our plugin will copy the posts from page ’16’ to the new page.
You also have the option to load the related posts from the page with id ’16’ to different page using our shortcode on different pages [yy-wordpress-related-posts page_id=”16″].


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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Related Posts” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • YYDevelopment Related Posts plugin launch


  • Fixing positions problems & adding mobile responsive support to the admin panel


  • Fixing CSS problems


  • Changing update alerts box


  • Changing title to regular tags


  • Added the option to use private related posts with updating URL
  • Added the option the option to create global related posts


  • Adding shortcode to global related posts page


  • Fixing PHP warnings


  • Improving inserting data to db


  • Fixing Slashes Problem


  • Plugin name change


  • Adding settings page to plugin


  • dealing with shortcode


p> code


  • Adding global review message block


  • Added nonce to plugin
  • Fixed pages not updating on page update


  • Added line break for outputed code
  • Remove unused output code


  • Adding button fast editing options


  • Added the option to hide not published posts


  • Added class for articles without links


  • Added the option to load post description from yoast


  • Updated id display for yydevelopment theme


  • CSS adjustments

1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5

  • CSS adjustments


  • Fixing not showing posts when all set on schedule


  • Added settings page with some few global options


  • Added the ability to choose the hide related post type


  • Fixing the bug showing there are no posts when the posts where not published


  • Added donation button to the plugin description
  • Escaping data better